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How does a person go from rock-bottom – a prison cell – to outrageous success as a podcaster and entrepreneur? Put simply, that person has to have a fighting spirit and the drive that comes with being an underdog.

Zach Babcock is the CEO and founder of Podcast Powertrain, a podcasting service dedicated to helping alpha entrepreneurs crush their goals, and the Underdog Empowerment Podcast host. He shares his insight and that of other legendary underdogs across countless industries and walks of life.

On this episode of the FUEL podcast, Chris and Zach dig into Zach’s upward spiral from prison time to a thriving company and a top-rated podcast, the incredible power of high-level relationships, and how Zach and his people are helping podcasters take impactful steps toward their goals – plus the action steps you can take to kick your podcast off the right way. Tune in for a high-energy interview that will have you excited to turn on a microphone and start sharing your message with the masses.

What You’ll Learn:

  • What achieving bigger and bigger goals made Zach realize why he became an entrepreneur, to begin with (and the shift that followed after)
  • How to turbo-boost your podcast’s popularity, visibility, and rankings immediately after launch
  • Why Zach would hands-down want Tom Brady with him on a deserted island
  • And much more!

Favorite Quote:

“At the end of the day, man, I’m just somebody with a big, big vision. And, you know, I stay true to my word. I live and die by my core values. They’re crucial to me because none of us got this life thing figured out most of the time. We’re figuring it out as we go.”

  • Zach Babcock

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Check out the podcast bootstrap steps here

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