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Figure out what you are playing for and make that dream come true. Don’t let history dictate how you live your life. You will never accomplish your wildest dreams without trying to break through barriers and grab at the impossible. When all is said and done, you can have the last laugh, just like Vince Papale.  

This former Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver was the inspiration behind the 2006 Disney film Invincible, starring Mark Walhberg. Before Vince’s name reached national recognition, he was just an incredible athlete looking for the right field to break into. After graduating from St. Joseph’s College in 1968 and returning to his old high school to teach and coach, Vince made his dream come true. He ran the fastest 40-yard dash at an open tryout for the Eagles. At 30 years old and having never played college football, Vince proved how much of an impenetrable force he truly was – especially to all of those who doubted him. This is where Invincible picks up Vince’s story, however, his ability to persevere was developed long before cameras were rolling.

On this episode of the FUEL podcast, Vince and Chris touch on their shared roots in Delaware County (Delco), Pennsylvania while Vince gets real about how his non-traditional path to the NFL was only possible because of his innate ability and invincible spirit. He was able to push past doubt and never accepted the boundaries of what others said was possible. This was his greatest asset and the foundation of his extraordinary life. 

What You’ll Learn:

  • How Vince went from a fan to the field never having played college ball.
  • Who he says is his most trusted support system and gave him the strength to succeed.
  • Why he believes any person can achieve their own invincible moment, regardless of where they come from.
  • And much more!

Favorite Quote:

“I’ve been knighted by the Italian parliament, which is pretty cool. I mean, that’s quite an honor. And my mom and dad never got beyond the eighth grade ever – they were local Delco. My father was a pig farmer, my grandfather came over on the boat from Naples at 14” – Vince Papale

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