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Most people rarely wind up doing in life exactly what they’d envisioned for themselves as a teenager. But every so often, you’ll meet an exception to that rule. Matt Cord is one of them. 

Growing up in Philly, Matt remembers having always had two passions: sports and music. In high school, he first got a taste for announcing by doing the morning sports announcements, and he kept up his on-air appetite as a DJ for his college’s radio station, where he nurtured his love for rock and roll. Professionally starting out as the “overnight guy” for various Long Island radio stations, Matt knew where he ultimately wanted to wind up. 

“I was pretty determined, once I got into radio, to get back here to Philly and get back on the station I grew up with,” he says. 

Today, he’s achieved that and more. Now in his 24th season as the public announcer for the Philadelphia 76ers, Matt has also come full circle as the weekday DJ for his home city’s classic rock station, 102.9 WMGK, but just because he has achieved the things his teenage self aspired to, doesn’t mean that the path to get here wasn’t a winding one.

On this episode of the FUEL podcast, Chris and Matt talk about what exactly that path and its detours looked like, how Matt wound up on the cover of a Corn Flakes box, and why he’s loving his career choices today.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How Matt found — and stuck with — a purpose
  • The changes COVID-19 has brought to the NBA and how he’s navigating them
  • How building a brand for yourself, and getting that brand in front of the right people, can unlock major opportunities 
  • And much more!

Favorite Quote:

“I just like to be around people. That’s the thing. I enjoy being around people, talking to people, learning from them, sharing experiences, being in a crowd and having a good time… I cannot wait for the fans to come back.”

— Matt Cord

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FUEL Provides an opportunity to look behind the scenes into the lives of extraordinary individuals. By examining the foundation that makes up their lives, we unveil the stories that fueled their success. Our mission is to help motivate and energize people to recognize that their own life experiences can be used as fuel to help them go the distance and achieve their life’s full potential.

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