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How much do you really know about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies? As the world gets more digitized by the day, the way we invest and trade is following suit. The majority of us don’t even realize there are alternative ways to grow our existing revenue outside the world of dollar bills or blocks of gold. 

Kristen Nolan is a Bitcoin enthusiast and the Head of Business Development and Partnerships at World Business Executive Coaches. After liquidating her retirement fund to pay off a pricey loan, she took a personal look at her finances and began experimenting with Bitcoin to make up her losses. Now, a year later, Kristen has tripled her investments and developed a guide so others can get a little skin in the game.  

On this episode of the FUEL podcast, Kristen and Chris take a look at how the retail investor can use Bitcoin to their advantage and the difference between this asset and other cryptocurrencies. Listen in for an episode that will enhance the way you handle your own money.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How to store value and transact with Bitcoin
  • What cryptocurrencies are doing to help our current banking system evolve
  • Why a decentralized asset is a secure way to grow your existing revenue
  • And much more!

Favorite Quote:

“With Bitcoin, when you’re using the lightning network, you actually reach full settlement within a day or less, it is absolutely crazy. It is so fast. And when you start transacting with this stuff, you start realizing how archaic our banking system is.” – Kristen Nolan

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