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How do you stand tall in the face of adversities? Learning to deal with it creates resilience. Kerry admits saying, “Adversities in my life pushed me to a new level. I probably would have grown stagnant and may not have continued to reach forward without them.”

Kerry Faix has been unstoppable in her journey to success. Her mission to do her best in everything and her exceptional values in life culminated in what she has turned into today. An entrepreneur, a real estate investor, the CEO and Founder of Stone Bay Holdings, married to a wife, a Mom of four, and much more is a true epitome of an independent, self-motivated, badass woman.

In this episode of the FUEL podcast, Chris delves deep into the foundational pieces that went into making an immensely successful power woman like Kerry, what practical tools she employs to keep her calm, competent and never shifts her focus from what she is bent on. Her energy is infectious, which she transmits the moment you come in her contact. So whatever you’ve been putting off to the sidelines and not taking action on, today is the day to do it. Giving no further excuses, tune in to this extraordinary, life-changing episode.

What You Will Learn:

  • What is ‘balancing in life’ according to Kerry, to keep work, ambition, family, kids, and every responsibility falls in place.
  • How she has taught the core values in her children and what accomplishments of her kids make her overwhelmed with joy.
  • Why it is essential to bounce back when you are knocked down at times in life, and what are the tools to do so.
  • And much more!

Favorite Quote:

“Not just young, not middle, not old, but everybody listening to this podcast has the potential to do great things. Nothing is holding you back in your life but you right now.”

–          Kerry Faix

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