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As a serial entrepreneur, Gercino Soares got his start early — at 7 years old. 

Having just immigrated to the U.S. from Brazil alongside his grandparents, the trio struck up a business finding discarded appliances which Gercino’s grandfather, a mechanic, would then fix and sell in his Kearny, New Jersey, shop. 

“When normal kids were going to sleep for school the next day, my grandparents would work all day and then at night we would get into the pickup truck around 9 p.m.,” he says. “We’d have the schedule of when the garbage trucks were coming and would drive around to where people were setting out appliances to throw out.” 

As deeply as Gercino admired his grandparents — ”I learned everything from them and their entrepreneurial spirit” — he also knew, starting at a young age, that it was up to him to build upon their struggles and help his family achieve more. Fast forward to today, and Gercino is a 30-year-old millionaire with a string of successful ventures behind him, including his current business, My House My Flip. Even more meaningful? He’s been able to buy his dream home not only for himself and his fiance, but for his grandparents, too. 

But Gercino didn’t get here overnight. On this episode of the FUEL podcast, Chris and Gercino talk about what it takes to cultivate a winning mindset, how to tap into your foundation to build an extraordinary life and the magic of recreating yourself.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How Gercino achieved his mission of eliminating money worries for himself and his family by age 30
  • Why it’s so important to “find your five friends” and be intentional in who you surround yourself with
  • Why Gercino believes that anyone can become a millionaire 
  • And much more!

Favorite Quote:

“Everything is a decision… I think that’s important for people to realize. Where you’re at today, some people succumb to it and say, ‘Oh, this is just unfortunately, who I am.’ That’s just a scapegoat. You people have to say, ‘How do I want people to perceive me, even when I’m not in the room?’ And then just become that.” 

— Gercino Soares

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About the FUEL Podcast:

FUEL Provides an opportunity to look behind the scenes into the lives of extraordinary individuals. By examining the foundation that makes up their lives, we unveil the stories that fueled their success. Our mission is to help motivate and energize people to recognize that their own life experiences can be used as fuel to help them go the distance and achieve their life’s full potential.

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