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How does a business owner with a lot on their plate even begin to keep up with the newest social media site or the demand for constant content? From the outside, it’s a paralyzing thought. But from an insider’s perspective, keeping up with the times can be as simple as pushing a button.

Gene Volpe is the digital architect at GVI Media, LLC and an all-around master of advertising, online media and business development. No matter the industry or level of online experience his customers are working with, Gene’s skills in mapping out marketing provide an easy path to increased visibility and growth on the latest – and most popular – platforms.

On this episode of the FUEL podcast, Chris and Gene dig into the unique challenges marketers face at a time when people are in front of their screens more than ever, how to put out more (high quality) content that sends the right message, and the process of learning new platforms and styles of content creation by taking some action. Tune in for an interview that will help to open up new avenues of getting your message out in front of the people who need to hear it.

What You’ll Learn:

  • What cryptocurrencies like Dogecoin may mean for the future of our currency in general, and how we learn to put value behind these new “fad” currencies
  • How to put more humanity into your content to balance out the business talk, and why doing so can actually expedite the processes of your business itself
  • Why making your philanthropy public knowledge is not only not selfish or wrong, but may be a big help to both you and the cause you care about
  • And much more!

Favorite Quote:

“We’ve crossed over into a new dimension at this point… And as a marketing guy, it’s a blessing and a curse. For me, it’s a blessing because guys like you who do things other than marketing realize they need somebody to help them. And so therefore, I’m in demand. But it’s a curse because I am now challenged with trying to get you in front of as many people on as many screens as I possibly can at the lowest cost. So, it’s challenging to be in marketing, but it’s exciting in the same way, because things are constantly evolving.”

  • Gene Volpe

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