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FUEL with Chris Swartz

Foundations Under Extraordinary Lives

In episode 018, Chris welcomes longtime friend, Bill McCafferty.

Bill is a fulltime Note Investor & Asset Manager for other Note Investors. He assists Homeowners through a process to help them stay in their house and afford payments that fit their budget. Bill is consistently looking to expand his relationships with Note Buyers and Note Sellers from all around the country.

Bill’s true skill is in building & managing Portfolios of Performing & Non-Performing Mortgages. He’s always looking to grow and expand his Network. He really enjoys assisting other Note Investors in the business, in whatever way possible.

Connect with Bill:





0:52 Chris introduces Bill.

1:40 Bill briefly talks family.

2:58 Let’s dive right in!

3:35 What is Bill’s FUEL?

5:45 What did Bill do before becoming an entrepreneur?

9:00 Fail forward.

13:45 College background and shifting gears.

14:59 True soul searching.

16:20 How did Bill handle fear when making his big change?

20:15 Apparently, Bill and Chris are not easy to deal with.

21:00 Bill discusses his business a little bit.


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