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FUEL with Chris Swartz

Foundations Under Extraordinary Lives

Episode 016 – John Dempsey

In episode 016, Chris welcomes, Real Estate Agent and MAPS Business Coach John Dempsey.

From being a real estate agent to helping coaching fellow agents to their own successes, it’s John’s goal to also specifically coach/help the #CrueltyFree & #PlantBased Sectors. Effectively normalizing these lifestyles.

“My goal is to become the best version of myself, through coaching and helping others achieve their definition of success.” – John

Connect with John:



Real Estate:


0:40 Chris introduces our first guest of 2020.

1:04 John explains what he does. It’s not just real estate.

2:29 What is MAPS Business Coaching and how did John get into it?

5:03 What drives John and serves as his FUEL?

8:00 What experiences have you gone through that have made you this person?

10:45 Some lofty goals for John’s 40th.

12:50 How do you improve your vertical at age 40?

15:55 Any good common thread with people who are successful?

17:45 John is a 6AM-er.

18:25 What’s the one thing that John can share for people looking to achieve?


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