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FUEL with Chris Swartz

Foundations Under Extraordinary Lives

Episode 015 – The Year In Review

In episode 015, Chris brings on show producer Gene Volpe to discuss the show and things that happened in 2019. 2020 brings us new opportunities to have new guests and new goals and we are excited to change the outlook of the show in the new year.

Listen and they flip the script and Chris the interviewee instead of the interviewer. Gene and Chris go on a journey of reliving some of the show’s best moments. They review the list of the guests’ favorite books and drop a teaser about things to come in the new year (think FREE stuff!).

Tune in to learn how to get your own FUEL gear and how to get on the show in 2020.


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0:48 Chris introduces Gene.

1:32 FUEL hats are in!

2:45 T-shirts are coming?

3:44 Has Chris done rapid fire himself yet and a teaser for a future show?

5:00 The year in review of books.

5:45 Peloton and Tom Toole. Beers soon, Tom? (Episode 009)

7:34 Cheryl Collelouri and the Headstrong Foundation (Episode 008).

10:25 Episode 006 and Tom DiVietro and the ReadyRoom.

12:45 The genesis of FUEL. Did it really start at a coffee shop?

15:00 In a pseudo RAPID FIRE, Chris gives Gene one word to describe each guest.

20:52 Chris’ favorite FUEL moments so far.

22:55 How do YOU get a FUEL hat?

24:51 The list of our guests’ top BOOK picks.

28:30 SIGN UP for our newsletter HERE and get the book list.

29:15 Plans for 2020.

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