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FUEL with Chris Swartz

Foundations Under Extraordinary Lives

Episode 011 – Tony Salloum

In episode 11, Chris welcomes Real Estate expert, Tony Salloum.

Born and raised in Lebanon. The youngest of 5. Lost my dad at the age of 9. Grew up through a civil war. Eagle scout and a community called Faith and Light were big part of my life. The community made my life rich. Got my Bachelor in Physics in Lebanon. Came to Philadelphia to pursue my Ph.D. in Physics at Drexel. Graduated in 2006. Became a professor at Widener. Then became chair of the Department of Physics and Astronomy. Internationally published in the field of Quantum Optics. Dropped it all for real estate. Currently runs a team of 7 people. Happily married and a dad of two young girls. Life to me is about people. I love sharing life with others through our every day experiences. This is why we founded I believe that people by default follow drama and controversy. It is our job to give people not what they want, but they need, such as this podcast.

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0:40 Introduction to Tony Salloum

2:20 Meeting thru the Rotary club.

3:30 Tony’s FUEL story.

4:45 Growing up in Lebanon

5:30 Tanks in his back yard and missiles on his house.

7:45 How do we become part of a “connected community?”

8:42 Life and interaction is changing.

9:50 Live, Love Media.

10:30 What is Dining by Affinity?

13:48 What is Tony doing with Live, Love Media.

19:19 What makes a good Affinity Real Estate Team member?

21:37 Discussing the book, “Total Leadership.”

22:30 Toy discussed his published works and Quantum Optics.

25:00 Rapid Fire!!!!!

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