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FUEL with Chris Swartz

Foundations Under Extraordinary Lives

Episode 010 – Setema Gali

In episode 10, Chris welcomes national speaker, Setema Gali.

Setema is a Super Bowl Champion, Executive Coach, Best-Selling Author and Founder/Creator of IMMERSION – MANWEALTH/Shield Maiden and ProRev Live.

Setema is coach to attorneys, surgeons, real estate investors, Mortgage Brokers, CEO’s, Professional Athletes, fitness professionals and highly committed people from all walks of life. 

“Unleash Human Potential to Maximize Performance” is Setema’s mission. Between his Podcast Your Daily Revolution, his books, online courses as well as live events, Setema spreads his message of Prosperity, Love and Results with the highly committed.

  • World’s Greatest Coach For the Highly Committed
  • The Reverend Of The Revolution
  • Husband and Father
  • Mentor to Entrepreneurs & Executives
  • Speaker/Trainer
  • Best-Selling Author
  • Super Bowl Champion

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0:26 Welcome to Setema.

2:57 Setema starts to share his story.

6:20 The genesis of Setema’s journey.

7:00 Setema talks about his time in the NFL.

8:15 Now that football is done, what’s next?

9:00 From riches to rags.

12:35 Time to sell the Super Bowl ring and Chapter 7.

14:58 Where are you at today?

19:20 Setema changing lives.

20:00 I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy.

25:55 Rapid fire!

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