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In episode 6, Chris welcomes Tom DiVietro.

Tom DiVietro, from Delaware County Penssylvania joins Chris to discuss everything from US Army Ranger school, to his mother’s passing all the way to his brand new daughter’s birth.

This interview runs the gamut and Tom is candid about his love for fitness, maniacal training habits and his new found love with his wife and baby daughter.

Tom is a strength and conditioning coach who runs the Ready Room in Morton, PA. He currently lives in Holmes with his wife Megan and newborn daughter.


0:45 Intro to Tom and the ReadyRoom.

1:26 Chris and Tom discuss their time together at the gym and living together.

5:32 “What drives Tom?”

8:06 Cutlet Thursdays? What is that?

11:35 David Goggins “Can’t Hurt Me.”

12:50 Tom and Chris discuss Ranger school and the impact of his mother’s passing.

20:50 Let’s switch topics: a whole new little person to love.

23:10 Rapid Fire!!!!

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