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Dan Lievens is a Business and Technology Consultant with 20 years of hands-on experience with early stage companies. His passion for helping small business owners motivated him to create an authentic marketing tool. The Proof is a journey of discovery that impacts and inspires others to think more about the why behind the what. The Proof is a witness, a stake in humanity for what humans stand for and what they are doing to elevate the planet that we share.

AmplifyX, a video production company is the driving force behind The Proof. In addition to creating video assets for Proofers, AmplifyX helps small businesses attract their ideal clients with creative and engaging story telling. Most often, by highlighting the unique customers they serve.

He is also Managing Partner at HeadRoom, which provides Small Businesses and Start-ups the resources they require to take a quantum leap forward.

Dan is a hands-on entrepreneur, he founded multiple companies and has played integral roles throughout his career driving business realignment and domestic and international growth. Dan is fluent in Mandarin Chinese, French, Dutch and English and has an MBA from Pennsylvania State University with an undergraduate degree in Business.


0:34 Thank you to First Choice Mortgage Advisors.

1:34 Dan Lievens and Chris talk about their history.

2:28 Rotary International convention heads to Seoul.

4:08 Chris lets Dan get on a roll.

5:45 Dan goes into the foundation for his latest venture, The Proof.

7:37 The concept of “involvement” versus “commitment”

9:21 Chris gets Dan to talk about his drive.

9:50 Dan has an A-HA moment.

12:40 Chris reflects on his commitments and involvements.

15:10 Being involved in The Proof helps Dan be a better parent and father.

17:12 are there any common threads for the people that come thru The Proof?

18:20 Rapid Fire!

19:00 Book: The Koran

20:10 Guest: Richard Rossi (assisting kids and pursuing their purpose).

22:00 Candy/food: wine, dark chocolate.

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