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Chris welcomes Gene Volpe to the show. Gene is the Digital Architect behind GVI Media. Speaker, author and marketing nerd, Gene tells his story about the lessons he’s learned from his father, even though his father passed on 24 years ago at the age of 44 years old.


0:34 FUEL podcast mission statement

1:03 Sponsor thank you to First Choice Mortgage Advisers

4:05 Gene and Chris discuss Chris’s involvement in “The Proof”.

6:35 Both discuss being married to Italians

7:39 Gene gets into his FUEL story

10:00 Johnny LaRosa’s pink Predator

13:50 The fulfillment of one of Gene’s first dreams

17:40 Chris discusses setting out on a goal

18:50 Gene discusses shedding the entitlement

20:02 “Hamster-wheel busy”


23:10 Dragon roll at TeikokuWIN Signature restaurants

24:07 Split Rail Tavern Caesar salad with salmon

25:06 Gene’s one book

27:30 Who are you taking with you? HINT: it’s Ed Fordyce

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