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Life is like Jiu-jitsu, it’s either you win or you lose.

Did you lose? Stand up, learn from it and train more. Life is gonna kick your ass constantly, it just depends on how you will kickback.

Drew Weatherhead is the owner and head instructor of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Academy located in Alberta, Canada. He started training at the age of 24 and achieved the rank of black belt at age 36. He used to compete in lightweight divisions but these days, he’s more of a teacher rather than a competitor. Aside from this, he is also quite famous for his online memes.

On this episode of the FUEL podcast, Drew shared his journey from being an employee to a job he doesn’t want to become a full-time Jiu-jitsu Academy owner and instructor and the values he learned along the way. Tune in for an episode that will drive you to get that one thing you always wanted.

What You’ll Learn:

  • What were the challenges Drew faced during the pandemic and what pushed him to keep moving forward
  • How he managed the business amidst this difficult chapter and what was his strategy to still make progress
  • Why dedication and passion an important element in whatever it is you are doing
  • And much more!

Favorite Quote:

“Nothing happens overnight and even though some things happen out of the blue. You only see the tip of an iceberg and most of it is under the water”.

  • Drew Weatherhead

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