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How will you know that you’ve made it? Everyone has a different landmark for their version of success, whether it’s a new home, an entire retirement fund, or just more time with the family. Knowing what that vision and that definition of success look like to you is the first step in creating a life that will help you reach it.

Chris Stevens is the CEO and managing partner of Keller Williams Philadelphia, through which he leads hundreds of real estate pros in multiple locations across the area. Chris’s career has taken him from the Culinary Institute of America to the insurance industry to real estate. Every stop has made him a better leader, a better businessman, and a better husband and father.

On this episode of the FUEL podcast, Chris and Chris jam on how Chris Stevens cultivated the service-centric mindset that he practices daily within his business, nurturing the core pillars of a well-rounded life and the process of “unpacking your day” that will give you the awareness you need to keep in alignment with your purpose. Tune in for an episode that sheds some light on what true success looks like – and what it takes to maintain that success.

What You’ll Learn:

  • What Chris Stevens learned about leadership from his time being mentored by Wolfgang Puck 
  • How to structure every day of your life to continually and consistently move you towards the goals you set
  • Why learning how to react appropriately to both wins and losses is essential – and why each has a necessary place in your story
  • And much more!

Favorite Quote:

“For me, wealth is not just monetary, but a lot of it is how wealthy are you in your mindset? How wealthy are you with your family or your friends? In my case, are you a good husband? Are you a good father? Are you a good leader? You know, and that’s the way that I look at wealth. That’s my version of it.”

  • Chris Stevens

Connect with Chris Stevens:

Reach Chris at (609) 558-9668


Keller Williams Website

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